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I have 5 devices that have logs need to be stored in rsyslog server I wanna save logs of different devices to specific directories under template rules: for example: with different IP Address. Actual behavior. have added template commands to config file<rsyslog.conf>

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Save the changes made to the rsyslog.conf file and restart the rsyslog service. sudo service rsyslog restart Step 5: Configure clients to send logs to your newly configured Syslog server.
Even more confusing for myself because not only did I know the information was making it to the server port 514 via TCP (I used tcpdump to determine this) but I also telnetted to port 514 and typed text and would see that put in the appropriate log file as defined in /etc/rsyslog.conf.
Sep 04, 2021 · You can view its config file by tying the following command: # vi /etc/rsyslog.conf. # ls /etc/rsyslog.d/. In short /var/log is the location where you should find all Linux logs file. However, some …
Now open the rsyslog configuration file to make the changes, # vim /etc/rsyslog.conf. Now at the end of the file, add the following lines, cron.none;*.info;mail.none;authpriv.none @ Now save the file and exit. Here we have entered the files that are to be sent to centralized log servers & then we have mentioned the centralized ...
rsyslog 3.22 is not going to support -c 5. It only supports compatibility up to -c 3. RHEL 5.9 did ship with a rsyslog 5 version in package rsyslog5. If you can upgrade to that I would, as it is much more logical to run in the configuration file.
Oct 04, 2021 · 附件四、Actions. Actions - rsyslog. Action对象描述了对消息的操作。通过output modules实现。. Action对象有不同参数:. 适用于所有action的参数,将在下面描述。
Hi, Thanks a lot for your reply. I've made some changes in the client rsyslog.conf file related to imfile. Now i'm not getting any compilation errors. Server and client installed OS - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (Santiago), 64 bit Here is the client configuration file, +++++ +++++ # cat /etc/rsyslog.conf # rsyslog v5 ...
To convert the syslog.conf file to rsyslog.conf file, and to create an rsyslog.conf file if the file does not exist, run the following command: syslog_ssw -c syslog.conf rsyslog.conf This conversion removes the AIX specific parameters and allows the newly created file to be used with the rsyslogd daemon.

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