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Featuring a Pontiac 400 cubic inch block stroked to 455 cubic inches, this authentic Pontiac stroker is perfect for street and strip use. The 400-455 is pump gas friendly for the mild daily driver. Based on production block and heads, this combination provides plenty of power with quality bottom end components to allow for endless upgrades

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CHEVY 5.3 V8 99-06 400hp swap engine Includes timing cover and oil pan Please select application option at time of sale Hp ratings in dyno sheet are crank hp ratings and on the carb application.
This engine build was a labor of love and we think it is highly successful. Sure, more power can be made from larger engines but the truth of the matter is that the wow factor of this thing outweighs all of that! Press play below to see this 1968 Pontiac 302 OHC inline six stroker make 370hp!
Pontiac 400 428 HP Auto Quadra.jet Carauretor $325. The aoxwrench Engine Specs Database is a community resource For mechanics . Camaro . Featuring a Pontiac 400 ouhic inch block strokžd to cubic inches, this authentic Pontiac stroker is perfect For street and strip use. In addition to building Chew and Ford engines,
Did you know Doug was one of the first to design and build a 461 stroker? He took a 455 crankshaft and machined it to fit in a 400 block before anyone even made a crankshaft. I think they were watching. Here at custom crate engines we build one hell of an engine. Check out all of our videos and you see we cater to all of our customers needs.
The "Wise Guy" Chevy 383 stroker is a 400 HP crate engine built for everyday street driving and cruising. It has a good sounding cam, but more than anything it's a solid, practical, reliable daily driver style setup. It has a little more sound and "peppy-ness" than the California Cruiser. Starting on the top-end, we have Vortec cast ...
2006 Mallett Pontiac Solstice V8. ON SALE: Now. BASE PRICE: $37,995 (including $19,995 for the Solstice) POWERTRAIN: 6.0-liter, 400-hp, 395-lb-ft V8; rwd, five-speed manual. CURB WEIGHT: 3010 lbs. 0 TO 60 MPH: 4.2 seconds (mfr.) The readout on the dashboard might have indicated 32 degrees F, but the wind tearing at our faces felt colder. Much ...
Nov 27, 2017 · Pontiac blocks are interesting power plants that are often misunderstood and improperly identified by sellers and buyers alike. The blocks of all Pontiac V-8s from the 287 to the 455 are the same size and very close to the same weight, which can make it more difficult to identify the 11 different engine displacements produced from 1955–79.
If you want YOUR 400 to STOMP some of the strokers out there, you can't build it like a low compression, low rpm 4.21", 4.25", or 4.5" stroker! For our 400's, we like: a real 9.5:1 compression for our cast iron headed combinations and 10.5:1 for aluminum. The Performer RPM intake for most 400 builds... runners ported for the higher hp and rpm ...

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