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3. Consider your natural eye color. Most dark-skinned girls have dark eyes, but not all. If you have light eyes, a subtle colored contact lens might be green or blue. If you have dark eyes, you might choose opaque colored contact lenses. Hazel or honey-brown lenses will be more natural on a dark eye.

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Opaque or semi-opaque contacts are the best colored contacts for dark eyes, especially for those who want to totally switch to a different eye color. This means the lens has more colored pixels per unit surface area. Contrary to enhancement contacts, opaque/semi-opaque colored contacts have higher pigmentation, thereby changing dark eyes even to the even lightest blues or greens.
Mystic Eyes Colored Contact Lenses! Wide Selection of Colors, Prescription and Categories! These lenses have a simple design which seamlessly blend with your natural eye color. UV CUT: Prolonged UV exposure is harmful to skin and eyes, can increase your risk for cataracts and other...
Crow Contact Lenses are perfect for fantasy or ghostly characters. The solid yellow colour in the centre of the contact lenses makes sure to bring I like these better than the normal Crow contact lenses as they have a dark limbal ring that gives my eyes more definition and makes the effect of the...
Best Colored Contacts for dark eyes. With the extensive ranges of colored contact lenses with different colors, design, materials and opacity in the market, it can be really difficult to choose the best colored contacts that cover dark eyes well.
For the occasional eye color changer it's ideal to use daily colored contact lenses. In this article I will review the different option out there for daily colored contact lenses. For monthly colored contact lenses, you can you read my overview of Air Optix Colors. However, in this article I will only be discussing daily colored contact lenses.
Available in both non prescription colored contacts and myopia color contact lenses with prescription (power 0.00 ~ -6.00) Sold as a pair of 2 lenses 1 pair lasts 6 months with proper care 42% water content for optimal comfort Colored contacts for dark eyes are naturally beautiful and perfect even for dark eyes. They are among the colored ...
Hyperopia Colored Contacts (+Power) Looking for Hyperopia colored contacts lenses? We have a few of our popular colored contacts for farsightedness and hyperopia circle lenses. Contact lenses below are with positive (+) power which suitable for farsighted--hyperopic eyes conditions. This lens are also known as plus power colored contacts lens.
If your eyes are deep brown, you probably have a hard time finding colored contacts for dark eyes. A lot of non prescription natural colored contacts are very translucent, and that doesn't work out well for people with dark eyes. The key is to find lenses that are opaque enough with the right sized pupil opening.

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