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Mikveh or mikvah (Hebrew: מִקְוֶה / מקווה‎, Modern: mikve, Tiberian: miqweh, pl. mikva'ot, mikvoth, mikvot, or (Yiddish) mikves,[1][2] lit., "a collection") is a bath used for the purpose of ritual immersion...

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The mikvah, or ritual bath of purification used by Orthodox Jews, is a living relic of ancient Israel. It also may be a living link between Judaism and Christianity. Orthodox women use the mikvah ...
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Florida. We celebrated our 25th anniversary in 1996 by re-enacting the ancient Jewish wedding customs in Israel on a hillside overlooking the old city of Jerusalem. Since receiving the Messiah in 1973, weddings have taken on an even deeper meaning for me as I
#Israel #renovation #mikvah #Jerusalem #Bible #einkerem See more. Ride with us on the Sea of Galilee, walk the ancient pilgrimage road to that Jesus once walked, and visit ancient Shiloh.
Ancient Jewish Mikvah Discovered in 'Ein Kerem' neighbourhood of Jerusalem (7/1/2015) ... to read the full story and to see the larger images click on image.
The marriage consists of two parts. First, the betrothal - Erusin or Kidushin . Then about one or two years later, the second part took place. This is the wedding ceremony called, Nisuin or Huppah. The betrothal is a parallel to the engagement in most ways except that in the ancient Jewish custom, it was binding!
Jerusalem family finds ancient ritual bath under home. The room dates to the first century A.D. and reinforces a theory regarding a Jewish presence in the area.
The ring was found by Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists in what appears to be an ancient mikvah (Jewish ritual bath) on the Pilgrimage Road, which dates back to the time of the second Temple period. The ancient paved road runs up from the Shiloach (Siloam) pool to the Temple Mount and is thought to have been the main thoroughfare taken by pilgrims to the Temple.

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